Feb. 4, 2014 11:00 AM

Rich fabrics and custom details create a bedroom fit for love


When it came time to create a romantic spot of respite for the Allens, Denise Kartsimas of DK Designs looked for soothing fabrics and pieces that would reflect Nicole Allen's love of all things luxurious.

"Everything is custom," Kartsimas notes, pointing to ceiling-high thick drapes of a rich but subtle cornflower blue and exquisite details on the bed itself and bedding.

"This is not a bedding company. We designed all of it," Kartsimas notes.

The room is full of silk damask and embellishments like tiny rhinestones placed in the fabric on a shade over the window. Nicole, the owner of Pure Couture (a home interior and high-end gift shop) has a taste that ranges from those opulent silks to rustic pieces. It's the sort of combination that fills her shop and the sort of vibe she sought in her own bedroom and bathroom.

"It's dripping with embellishments and a lot of spot of respite for the Allens, Denise reflective surfaces," Kartsimas says.

Those details combine for a room that's romantic leading into a bathroom that has a claw foot tub and details that are antique in some areas and sparkling in others - like Berebi cabinet knobs and pulls.

Romance, however, doesn't have to mean such opulence if something simple is more your vibe.

"It's about color," Kartsimas says. "You can have a room that's all white and sleek and still be romantic. It's all about texture and fabric ... surround yourself with the things you love in your bedroom."

Choose soothing colors, fabrics that feel amazing to the touch, the details that speak to your style and clear the clutter. Whether your space is filled with smooth glass or chipped antiques it should be the place that speaks to you. And what it should say is, "Come on in, get cozy and stay awhile."

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