April 2, 2014 05:36

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Dangers at home

Renewed warnings about the danger of cords are surfacing after a 2-year-old Maryland boy died recently. Mother Erica Barnes Thomas was serious about baby proofing their home. She even ordered roman shades for their son's room when he began climbing - shades that have a child safety release attached. And yet, a hidden cord on the shade killed 2-year-old Mac.

"Mac is one of four children in the last two months who have died from cords attached to window coverings, Boston.com reports. On average, one child a month dies from the cords on window treatments, says Kim Dulic, spokesperson for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission."
While many parents take precautions with the adjustment cords in the home, many don't realize there are dangerous cords running on the back of blinds or through the blinds to raise them.
"All cords are bad," Dulic says. "Whether it's on the front, back or side. Kids and cords don't mix - that's the message the commission wants to get out."


More tools than ever
Autism remains a phenomenon in terms of testing. While much research goes into the growing disorder, the truth remains that autism spectrum disorders are so complex and varied, it can take years and multiple professionals to reach a diagnosis. A new article on the Huffington Post breaks down some of the more promising possibilities for testing.

"... with ever more studies showing early intervention can significantly improve outcomes - the same time that a growing number of children are being diagnosed with autism (1 in 68, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - the desire for newer, better ways to diagnose autism is strong."
Click the link above to learn more about testing from eye tracking to blood tests and brain imaging.







The winners are ...

You'd be hard pressed to find a group more product opinionated than those in the mommysphere. Baby Center is making the most of those opinions with their annual Moms' Picks Awards.

From carseats and bottles to toys and dad-friendly diaper bags, the mommas break down the best in gear for your little ones. One of our favorite features? In addition to overall winners, the list includes a breakdown by your personal needs. The Moms' Picks can be categorized by looks, value, quality, ease of use and even space-saving to ensure no matter your lifestyle there's a list just for you. Now if only someone would just register for all this stuff for you. (And buy me two of those uber cute giraffes.)

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