May 9, 2014 01:05

Giving props to the special women this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and I was asked to write about either how motherhood has changed me or about my own mom. Well, after thinking about it, there was no way I could write about those things without also writing about the other mothers I am surrounded by and blessed to know. So I am dedicating this particular blog to them - even the ones I don't get to mention. Because, so far in my own person journey in motherhood, I am constantly inspired and helped by other fellow mommy friends. Here are a few

First, my own mother. She had me when she was 20 yrs old, about to be 21. I look at my 20-year-old self and think, "Oh hell to the no!" (Haha.) There is no way I would have been a worthwhile mom in that point in my life, but somehow my mom was and is one. She has battled depression, divorce, major health issues, and still, her love and support never wavered. For that, I am forever grateful. She is a prime example of strength.

Then there is Amanda Bedgood, Patricia Thompson, and Mallory Juneau. I am blessed to call these fellow writing mommies friends. Although we aren't the friends that talk often or meet up for play dates, they get it. They get this mommy thing.

Amanda inspires me with her keen eye for detail, wit, and always somehow looks amazing no matter when I see her. She seriously makes me want to throw on some red lipstick and take on the day!

Patricia and I are a lot alike - sarcastically funny, involved in everything that warrants volunteers, and somehow just cannot say 'no.' Like, ever. But she manages to balance being wife, mom, employee and friend. She inspires me to sometimes just laugh at whatever challenges are in front of me. Why? Because life is simply too short not to.

Mallory has an eye for fashion that I can only pretend to have. She is a single mom to two kids and understands the whole dating-with-child, single-mom gig. Dating is hard enough at our age much less with a kid in tow. But she has been blessed with a pretty awesome and supportive boyfriend and she inspires me to remain hopeful that there is some light at the end of this single mom's proverbial dating tunnel.

My friends Melissa and Wendy are just plain awesome. They bring special things to the mommy table. Things that I wish I would've thought to do or express to my son. They inspire me with their thoughtful and loving ways with their children, whether it's an impromptu outing or cooking with them or obliging them by rolling down all the car windows and letting them belt out their favorite so - they remind me that it's truly the little things that make the big memories, and those memories are the things that keep giving, even long after the moments are gone.

My friend Misty is a super hero. No, seriously, she is. She is a mother of four with a fifth on the way and home schools them and throws pretty fantastic birthdays. She is thoughtful and mindful of her husband and friends somehow finding a balance in the chaos. She is truly a super mom is my eyes. And any time I am having a crappy, I-want-to-give-up kind of day, I often think of her and I am quickly reminded that if she can do it all, somehow I can suck it up and handle it, too.

I absolutely cannot end this blog without mentioning my grandmother. She is the epitome of southern beauty at its finest. She is beautiful, kind, loving, supportive, an artist, a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend. She has been the glue that holds my family together. Her strength and support have inspired me to push through some of the darkest moments in my life and I am forever blessed that she has been there for every milestone to date as well.

If you want to feel blessed, supported, and inspired, look around you. Look for all the mothers in your life. They are magical. They are inspirational. They ARE love. Appreciate them. Not just on Mother's Day, but always.

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