May 13, 2014 07:37 PM

Lafayette-based supplier of oil and gas industry containers and support equipment relocates its Houma operations to 6-acre site on Highway 182.


Bobby Gauthier, Robert Gauthier and Garett Gauthier

By moving to a larger, 6-acre property on Highway 182 in Houma, where it constructed a new facility, Gauthiers' has substantially expanded its capacity, adding $2 million in offshore containers and baskets in addition to its current fleet of offshore rental equipment.

Founded in Lafayette in 1979, the family-run company serving the oil and gas industry has grown over the years to include domestic rentals, international and domestic sales of offshore containers, baskets, workshops, storage containers and related equipment. In 2007, the company added a Houma location to allow it to better serve customers working in and around southwestern Louisiana and Port Fourchon. The new facility is located at 4768 Highway 182.  

"We're responding to the ever-rising demands of the Gulf of Mexico's offshore exploration, drilling and production industries," said Operations Manager Kevin Pizzolato. "We have and will continue to invest heavily in equipment to support their efforts to power the country."


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