June 11, 2014 07:02

INDfamily staff picks goodies for dear old dad


Father's Day is this Sunday, June 15 and hopefully the dads in your life are not getting another tie.  Next to birthdays and Christmas, Father's Day is that one extra little holiday of appreciation where we can treat someone in our life a little special.

Odds are the kids are working hard on crafting a card inspired by Pinterest for dear old dad but what's a lady to do for a gift?

Start with knowing who your gift is for - is your daddy-o an avid UL fan or is he more of a obscure music collector kind of guy? Sometimes searching for a gift in a field that's foreign to us as a woman can be a difficult task and that's when you call an expert at a local business geared towards your man's hobbies for help.

I find it hard to shop for my husband because he's so laid back. Yes, that's right he is easy to please but I don't want to give any old gift - I want it to be something I know will be something he needs or will use. He happens to be a big outdoorsman who basically morphs into one of the cast members of Duck Dynasty come fall. Hunting and fishing is not my thing, but I know he enjoys it.

These are my picks for potential Father's Day gifts for the outdoorsman dad in my life:

1. Sea to Summit's dry bags are great for boating, camping, kayaking or any other activity where the elements come into play. These bags come in a variety of sizes and are great for stashing items - it beats a Ziploc bag hands down because of a nice buckle feature allowing the user to clip the bag to a larger bag for easy access.

2. Pelican micro case with carabiner. This box is a hard-sided and sturdy case fit for storing cell phones, wallets and keys when on the boat. If it happens to go for a swim, the box will float making it easy to retrieve.

3. Reef's leather fanning flip flops are all about function - in addition to this shoe's comfort factor, the sole also holds a hidden bottle cap opener. Dad will never be stuck with a cold beverage again.

4. And if you're feeling extra generous, a GoPro Hero 3+. This waterproof HD-quality video camera is popular because it is small and compact, yet delivers crystal-clear images. GoPro allows dad to turn that long fishing trip into a fun and exciting video he can post right to social media for sharing - oh, and maybe he'll capture a memory or two of a family vacation while he's at it.

All of the items mentioned can be found locally at Pack & Paddle or The Backpacker.

So, those are my picks for top Father's Day gifts for the outdoor dad. What kind of dad are you shopping for and what will you be gifting beyond a hug and kiss this year?