Jan. 8, 2008 07:00
A lot of people are losing their lives on Louisiana’s death trap highways because of the lack of law enforcement. Speeders and tail-gaters and violators of stop signs, red lights and school zones abound on our highways. They all act like idiotic morons, and the worst are the ones that like to travel our highways before sunrise or at nightfall in the thick fog or rain without their headlights turned on, or just using their little parking lights.

I live right next to La. Hwy. 88, and there are signs declaring “Reduced Speeds Ahead” and the speed limit is 55 miles per hour from there onto Lafayette. There is also a speed limit of 55 at the work site of the new Jefferson Island Road overpass. Those two speed limits are the biggest joke in the state of Louisiana. I would be brave enough to say that 99 percent of the drivers violate those speed limits by 15 or 20 miles per hour. I have yet to see any enforcement at the new overpass construction site.

I seriously believe that all speed limit signs should be removed in our state because they serve no purpose whatsoever, especially on Main Street in New Iberia. The idiotic morons that tailgate other vehicles by half a car length, going 65 or 70 MPH are just that — idiotic morons. I greatly respect the right of anyone to respond to my opinion.

Russell John Myers, New Iberia

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