July 11, 2014 07:02

Pound for pound, the Ragin' Cajuns leader is the strongest football coach in America (so says Fox Sports).

Yowza! The dude can bench press 380! And last summer repped 225 a whopping 25 times!

"If I can hit 400 (on the bench) I might just shut it down," UL football coach Mark Hudspeth told Fox Sports' Freaks Week. "My goal [is] to hit it before the season but that's gonna be awfully hard."

In a story published Friday, Fox Sports calls Hud the most underrated coach in college football, noting that despite him going 27-12 and 3-0 in bowl games even diehard college football fans probably couldn't pick him out of five random headshots. The gist of the piece, which goes on to say Hud has found a unique way to inspire his team and garner the program some pretty cool publicity, is that it'll be easier to pick him out of the lineup soon.

Here's one example:


Read the story, which includes an audio interview with Hud, here.

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