Aug. 1, 2014 12:39

Bump and baby friendly wares


Bump and baby friendly wares

By Amanda Bedgood
Aug. 1, 2014

A positive pregnancy test is not the first sign of a life without style. It is a sign of a life with some creative styling. We've rounded up pieces wearable from bump to baby - the sort of things that work with a growing belly and with life after the bump is gone; pieces that are perfect for life on the go and comfort done cute.

Lacey Fontenot shows off her bump in some non-maternity pieces she can rock long after baby Gracelee arrives. The magic pants have a stretchy waistband just right for a a growing midsection and this long soft tank has enough length to last the full 40 weeks. All from Vanessa V.



The Forgiving Top
This little Free People tank from Brother's on the Boulevard gives plenty of room for a growing tummy but is cute enough for every day.

The Kimono
One of the only true one-size-fits-all pieces that really works for everyone is the kimono. From Vertage.

The Card Carrier
Take your must-have cards and cash in a little wristlet that fits easily into a diaper bag. From Shoe La La.

The Comfy Shoe
Killer heels turn into real killers with a baby on the hip. Reach for Floggs from Maven Womenswear that feel like memory foam for the toes.

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