Sept. 3, 2014 09:44 AM

Grand Pointe home with little color, high drama

Sarah Moss of Moss Interiors is making a speciality of the contemporary, and her black and white and sleek all over work at the home of Jan and Dale Broussard is just the sort of space that shows how she brings modern home.

Moss originally designed the home for the previous owner and was tapped again when the Broussards moved in for a revamp of the Grand Pointe property.

"They hired me to reinvent the space with unique contemporary touches in the same style. They are empty nesters who love entertaining and want an elegant, stylish home that is anything but ordinary. It is really fun and rewarding to be able to design a home twice," Moss says.

She describes the look as "sophisticated urbane" with a monochromatic palette. Her efforts for a dramatic delivery were accomplished through elements with some serious panache like the living room's major chandelier she says is "unforgettable."

"It is constructed of black venetian glass that glows a deep crimson when illuminated. The grand scale highlights the 12-foot ceilings and crowns the seating area below," Moss says. "The black glass is repeated in other finishes throughout the room, from the tabletop accessories to the fireplace glass."

In Moss's world, black and white needs no color to show some big personality at home. 

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