Jan. 2, 2015 01:42 PM

Photo by Robin May

Big style from a quiet spirit

Lacy Quinn is her own brand of sultry. The Lafayette beauty has a soft voice and a bold style that is made better by the fact she does it all often on a dime and with an approach that’s unafraid yet subtle.

She is the mother of one and does hair at The Beauty Shop. She doesn’t have a style that’s easily narrowed into one genre. She’s equal parts eclectic and thrifty searching garage sales and Goodwill.

“I’ve been hitting up Goodwill since junior high and thrift stores or antique places. I have an appreciation for someone else’s trash, and then to wear it is fun,” she says.

On the day we met up she’s wearing a poncho and mini skirt with jewelry from her friend’s accessory line — Bayou Bohemian. On other days Quinn goes retro in vintage dresses and with her hair channels a kind of undone Marilyn Monroe. It’s a style that’s a perfect marriage of soft and audacious, past and present.

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