Feb. 2, 2015 12:47 AM

photo by Robin May

One seriously funny couple

Drop the names Olivia and Jady Regard and you’re likely to get a smile out of anyone who’s met the dynamic couple. They do traditional style with a sense of humor — the way they seem to do most things in life.

From the yoga mat and running to her work in employment law and cocktail parties, Olivia is a master at dressing in a way that’s a true homage to Jackie O. A sort of classic chic that’s never dull. She wears shapes that work year after year — forget trendy. Yet, she manages to do it with a flair that’s clear but never fussy.

Her one caveat for dressing? She’s gotta have the heels. “The only pair of flat shoes I own are my running shoes,” she says. “Day to day I don’t do flats.” Husband Jady has the same flair done his own way. The master of the bow tie can be spotted wearing a plaid jacket or bold neckwear in a way that makes sense — classic with a punch — never silly.

“I don’t do trendy. I’ve been wearing bowties since college and they’ve had a renaissance lately,” Jady says. “It’s a great way to stand out. But, you’ve gotta own it.”

Own it he does. Jady is the CEO, sorry the CNO (chief nut officer), at Cane River Pecans and an avid hunter. He collects toy soldiers and spray paints his wingtips gleaming gold for LSU games. But he may not be the bigger of the tiger fans in the Regard house.

Olivia has two degrees from LSU, and you know it’s football season when her Facebook profile pic changes to her wearing a tiger mascot head. — AB

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