March 10, 2015 04:14 PM

Erick Knezek, founder and managing partner of Truston Technologies

Lafayette-based Truston Technologies has been awarded another contract with the U.S. Navy, its second since September.

The engineering, fabrication and construction company that debuted on ABiz’s annual list of Acadiana’s Top 50 Private Companies for the first time last year, coming in at No. 49 with $15 million in revenues for 2013 and just 50 employees, is one of eight businesses to receive the contract, according to a March 10 announcement.

The contract awarded to Truston Technologies and the other seven companies — which includes entities based in Pennsylvania, Alaska, Missouri, Texas, California and Maryland — will come out to $800 million in combined funding for sustainment, restoration and modernization projects, as well as inspection and repair of petroleum, oil and lubricant systems at sites around the globe.

“This contract will help Truston leverage our federal and Navy contract experience as well as our petroleum, oil and gas resources,” says Erick Knezek, the local company’s founder and managing partner, who in November became the District 8 member of the Lafayette Parish School Board. “This is a direct opportunity to put federal dollars back into South Louisiana as well as expand Truston’s business in the region.”

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