March 19, 2015 12:40 AM
Another biz is on board to fill the Ambassador Town Center with a wide selection of eats and drinks. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse has two other Louisiana locations and a long-standing love for craft beer.

Lafayette will be the third location after Slidell and Baton Rouge where customers can find 10 regular BJ's beers on tap along with select seasonal or specialty beers.

The brewhouse includes a menu that makes beer pairing dummy proof denoting the best tap choice for everything from your Thai shrimp lettuce wraps to the baby back pork ribs — to name a few. Bonus: BJ's is home to a Berry Burst Cider that is gluten free along with a 103-calorie light lager.

According to the man who handles everything from permits on building, planning and utilities, Jeremy Layton, the restaurant could open this year. The national chain, whose corporate office is in Huntington Beach, Calif., also has online ordering and an app making it easy to eat whether you're dining in or carrying out.

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