March 20, 2015 04:13 PM

In a music scene over-full with the Cajun, zydeco and, increasingly, indie-Americana bands, Rio Luminoso is that rare treat: consummate musicians with an ear for early 20th century European and Latin music and the instrumentation to bring it joyfully to life.

Performing Saturday night (for free) at Saint Street Inn, Rio Luminoso features Philip Gould on piano accordion — his “Main Squeeze” (it says so right there on the instrument) — Michel Joseph on ukulele and vocals, Michelle Colon on lead vocals and Cesar Bacarro on percussion (literally “on” percussion: he sits on a cajon!). This is antique dance music for romantic couples and it’s very well-played. Trust us.

The group’s SSI performance Saturday on the front porch is from 8 p.m. until. SSI is located at 407 Brook Ave. across St. Mary Street from Old Tyme Grocery.

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