April 10, 2008 10:11
Alliance Française takes it outdoors this Sunday. Speaking french is not merely an academic exercise here in Acadiana, and the french language group is picnicking in the park to promote bilingual play. The family event will include le foot (soccer), la pétanque (a south-of-France lawn bowling game), le frisbee, comment faire la cuisine (cooking lessons), les raconteurs (story tellers) and cherchez le drapeau acadien louisianais (hunt for the flag). Whether you speak fluent french or have just begun, Le Pique-Nique is an opportunity for those who cherish the culture of France and Acadiana to further their language skills through play. Le Pique-Nique is scheduled to become a monthly event. The first lunch on the lawn takes place at Parc Girard, 12:30, April 13, and thereafter every second Sunday of the month. For more information click here , or call organizer Mike LeBlanc at 261-1002.
DID WE? DO WE? SHOULD WE? DEC 18 Jim Brown is asking the questions a lot of Americans are in the wake of the torture report. Did we torture people? Do we do it still? And should we, under any circumstances?JINDAL MAKES (PATHETIC) APPEAL IN IOWADEC 18 This post on

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