Dec. 1, 2014 09:03 AM

The Independent was launched in August of 2003 to provide a forum for thinking, educated, involved readers who care deeply about Acadiana's future and help shape the community's vision for it.

Our readers are leaders. Whether they are business people or creatives, college students or grandparents, soccer moms and dads or singles, they don't sit on the sidelines. They are in the game — passionately — and make things happen.

They are influencers in their business and social circles. When it comes to news, they want to know the whole story. The IND's readers also care about the arts, culture and style. They are the essence of the joie de vivre that makes Acadiana so special.

Publishing partners Steve and Cherry Fisher May are veterans of the industry, having published The Times of Acadiana for 18 years as well as ventures in Baton Rouge, Shreveport and Lake Charles, Louisiana, and San Antonio, Texas. (Under their leadership, The Times was named Newspaper of the Year by the National Newspaper Association.) Associate publisher Odie Terry, also a partner in The Ind, had oversight of special projects for The Times Publishing Group, which was sold in 1998.


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