June 29, 2015 11:02 AM

Louisiana Rising is the super PAC, or political action committee, that is supporting the gubernatorial campaign of Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle. But LouisianaRising.com is a website paid for by the Fund For Louisiana’s Future, the super PAC that is backing the bid of U.S. Sen. David Vitter.

It’s yet another embarrassing reminder of how important it is for modern campaigns to secure all variations of web addresses.

While LouisianaRisingPAC.com does belong to the Angelle boosters, LouisianaRising.com will take you to a webpage entitled “Sinkhole Scott.” That’s where the FFLF team takes Angelle to task for stepping down as secretary of the Department of Natural Resources around the same time a sinkhole was discovered in Bayou Corne — and at the same time Angelle was running for the Public Service Commission.

This is the second time such a digital doozie was dished up for Angelle supporters. GeauxAngelle.com is the campaign’s website, but the handle wasn’t scooped up and secured on Twitter. Instead, @GeauxAngelle belongs to an anonymous party who supposedly has no connections to the campaign and sometimes masquerades as the candidate in posts.

Super PACs are different from standard political action committees in that they do not have to adhere to donation limits. They are also prohibited from coordinating on most all activities with the candidates and campaigns they support.