Aug. 3, 2015 01:18 PM

The Krewe of Carnivale en Rio announced the 2016 Corte with usual fanfare for the Brazil-themed posse. The evening at the Petroleum Club was a blowout party as King Dom Pedro and Queen Isabela were announced — Drs. Malcolm Gibbs and Gina Maestri. The annual ball slated for Jan. 9 will have a Back to the Future theme while the parade is scheduled to roll Jan. 30.

1. Dan Bloomer, Rosemary Dartez, Jeanie Simon-Domingue, Steve Domingue, Virginia Atkins, Barbara Bloomer and Jimmy Atkins

2. Cat Heim and Monique Johnson

3. Raul Viera and John Breaux

4. Andrew Shenkan and Nandi Linscombe

5. Ethan and Rachael Sudul

6. David and Zob Munnerlyn

 7. Liz-z Domingue, Patricia Lanier, and Stacey and Blaine Bearb

8. Lynn and Blake Williams

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