Aug. 5, 2015 05:30 PM

We've blurred the details of this event because we're not about free advertising.

Guys, what the hell? I’m speaking to you, Daily Advertiser. Just a little over a week after Lafayette buried an unbelievably talented favorite daughter who was senselessly murdered at the Grand Theatre, you’re including a gun show among the “17 ways to occupy the family this weekend” online and even publishing an advertisement for same in today's print edition? Y’all know Jillian was shot right? With a gun? I assume y’all threw in the editorial support to sweeten the deal for the ad, but whatever. Poor form, yo.

I know times are tough for print, what with the collapse of classified advertising and all, but you couldn’t wait a while longer? Are your financial straits that dire? Oh, they are? Well, still. The ad is right there on Page 2 of the A section! You couldn’t at least bury it in the back of sports? I didn’t need to see that, so thanks for nada.


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