Aug. 13, 2015 06:03 PM
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    AUG 14 The Hill takes a look at the bottom feeders in the GOP clown car race, and of course our Bobby Jindal is in there. As Jindal struggles to crack 2 percent, his campaign people still say that national polls "mean nothing" and asking if he's planning to jet is a "dumb question." Okey dokey.


    AUG 14 Columnist Lanny Keller takes a look at what passes for economic development these days - government handouts in the guise of tax incentives that some would call corporate welfare. Business lobbies that are "whining" about cuts in those payouts aren't showing leadership, but instead "followership" that benefits only a select few industries and not the business climate in general, he says.

  • UH - SAY WHAT?

    AUG 14 Blogger Rod Dreher addresses Jeb Bush's statements Thursday about the Iraq War. Apparently, ole Jeb thinks that was "a pretty good deal" for America. (Oh, OK. Wait - what?) If you were a fan of W's foreign policy, looks like you're in luck, Dreher says.

  • MEH.

    AUG 14 Are you having trouble getting excited about the governor's race? If so, you're apparently not alone. The Picayune reports here about an LSU survey that found many Louisiana voters don't feel they know enough about the candidates to make up their minds. Of course, a whole lot of them already know enough about Vitter: he's got a 30 percent negative rating.


    AUG 14 Jim Brown is blogging about insurance this week. The Legislature should have addressed insurance reform in the most recent session, but copped out, he says. As a result, Louisiana residents continue to pay ultra-high insurance rates, he says.


    AUG 14 Blogger Jason Brad Berry posts this video of a discussion recently in NOLA about how short-term rentals are affecting neighborhoods there. It's a highly-charged issue, he says, and he's now working on a documentary about it and looking for subjects.