Sept. 15, 2015 11:42 AM
Peter Ricchiuti of Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business, this year’s Top 50 keynote speaker, addressed a crowd of about 740 and offered his take on a wide range of topics, predicting a more optimistic V-shaped recovery for energy prices than many other prognosticators. He cited declining stockpiles and a slow but steadily growing economy as factors. ABiz’s annual luncheon, which honors the executives and employees of Acadiana’s top private companies (ranked by revenues) and the region’s eight publicly traded companies is held at the Cajundome Convention Center and presented by Allen & Gooch and Whitney Bank.

1. Brent Benoit, Bill Hendrix, Stokie Fontenot, June Hamlin, Zack McNeal and Nancy Trahan

2. Amber Knezek and Ashley Knezek

3. Kent Hanes and Scott Angelle

4. Jody Broussard, Mo Vallot, Doug Waltz, Mike Williams, Jude Ramsey and Greg Zaunbrecher

5. David Cortez, Rick Stutes, Lance Crappell, Kenray Landry and Mike Bella

6. Boyd Boudreaux, Tina Vidrine, Carly Leonards and Karen Drewett

7. Chris Allain, Beth Guidry, Bill Hendrix, Peter Ricchiuti, Clay Allen, Jason El Koubi, Rob Eddy and Brach Myers

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