April 30, 2008 12:00

Denny Guilbeau, Brooke Sokol and Benny Guilbeau

Dale Thevenet and David Legendre
Party Girl succumbed to the ReProm talk about town, which was far from the traditional fund-raiser with a far sexier crowd. On April 12 at River Oaks, the Lafayette Education Foundation gave supporters a chance to relive and re-create their high school proms. Thanks to the age-old credo that cocktails will soften vanity, the fashionistas of Lafayette came out in full swing in ’50s to ’80s attire — from lavender and baby blue tuxedo suits on the men to Madonna-mocking woman to Miami Vice looking babes. River Oaks did a fabulous job with the buffet, and the Robbie Bush Band had everyone grooving until midnight just about the time when the lights came on.

I think it’s important to recognize the men and women that helped raise a whopping $105,000 for LEF: The 2008 LEF ReProm Court are as follows: Kathy Aloisio, L.J. Alleman; Bill Bacqué, Van Eaton & Romero.; Suzy Lynch-Cummings, Ascension Day Preschool; Lauren Dupré; Michele Ezell, Tsunami; Debbie Deano Foreman, Par Realty; Ruth Forest, Louisiana Urology Center; Bob Giles, Giles Automotive; Billy & Denny Guilbeaux, Southside Bakery; Hope Hebert; Dr. David Legendre, Acadiana Addiction Center; Thomas Lemaire, Jackson Hewitt Tax Service; Gwen Lewis, Prairie Elementary; Jimmy Mallia, Dwight Andrus Insurance; Sen. Mike Michot; Lou King-Patin, King-Patin Staffing Services.; Rep. Joel Robideaux; Scott Saunier, Acadian Integrated Solutions; Brooke Sokol, Lafayette Coca-Cola; and D. Dale Thevenet. Party On! — PG

Emily Foreman and Debbie Foreman

Re-Prom Queen Lou Patin and Re-Prom King Bob Giles

Kim Mallia, Lauren Dupuis and Jimmy Mallia

Leslie Ste Maire

Hope Hebert, Suzy Lynch-Cummings and Aileen Bennett

Michele Ezell and Rachel Spoon

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