Dec. 15, 2015 11:54 AM

Nouriche Wellness and Aesthetics in River Ranch held a holiday open house in mid-November, offering door prizes that included a liquid injectable face lift valued at $3,200.

1. Jennifer Tran, Jasmine Fortier and Erica Dugas

2. Bridget St. Julian, Jennifer Tran and Casey Frank

3. Dr. Kelly Cobb and Molly Clayton

4. Cassie Wiggins, Jennifer Tran, Kelly Cobb, Bridget St. Julian, Jennifer Piker, Katherine McDonald, Luci Theriot, Rometa Horton, Casey Frank, Erica Dugas and Jasmine Fortier

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While the members of this diverse group of Acadiana women can’t all say they were firsts, each of them has contributed to our community in ways too countless to capture in 500-word profiles ...