Dec. 22, 2015 03:22 AM
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This Week in Oy Vey

The new storm surges maps came out and, day-um, it is not looking good. A Category 3 storm put nine foot surges into Lafayette. Let's not even discuss the 4 and 5 maps. Can we get a do over?

Nichols to the Top

Louisiana Voice is making a strong argument for you to reconsider Kristy Nichols, Jindal’s commissioner of administration for three years, for the Boob of the Year. Not only does she have a bad track record with public information requests, her new job at the Ochsner Health System poses ethical concerns.

Work's for Suckers

I'm really not sure how I feel about John Bel Edwards undoing Bobby Jindal's requirement that welfare recipients work to receive benefits. I think I will wait until it hits KATC's Facebook and let those folks straighten me out.

The Statue Toppling Crew

The Hayride is still in a tizzy about the New Orleans monument decision. Here, it breaks down the people who pushed for their removal. Gasp! It's African-Americans who really dig "social justice." I really would have never expected that!

RG3 to Back Brees-y?

Robert Griffin III might just land in New Orleans the NFL Network is reporting. Damn, that's a whole lot of fizzle. You'd think we learned our lesson with Reggie Bush. Well, there's always the year after next.

Like this News

Forget all that: there's only two pieces of #realnews today. Steve Harvey botched the Miss Universe Pageant and Blue Bell is back! If you don't know these two facts, congrats on having a job that doesn't involve poring social media.

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