March 1, 2016 02:48 PM

Chinese at White Fox Restaurant

There’s a great Jewish tradition that, on Christmas, the Chosen will eat at a Chinese restaurant. It’s a commiseration of peoples left out of Christian revelry. Allow me to proffer that such an arrangement could be made among non-Catholics and area Chinese food, in particular the glorious stuff served at the White Fox Restaurant in Breaux Bridge. Not long ago I complained, in print mind you, about the sinful lack of decent Chinese food around Acadiana. And when the Lord closes a door he opens a Chinese restaurant in Breaux Bridge.

I’m not really equipped to evaluate the authenticity of Chinese cuisine, having never been to China myself. But when a dish is 1) prepared to order 2) appears to contain vegetables chopped on site and 3) is not General Tso’s chicken, I’ll wave my Louisiana Press Association card and declare it to be authentic.

Glutton yourself with the shredded pork and garlic sauce, served with organic mushrooms and a sweet, nutty and spicy sauce that, by golly, appears to have been cooked and reduced from actual food products. No pouches were opened in the making of that plate of food. And if there were, I honestly don’t care.

Pro Tip - No, there isn’t any MSG in the food served at White Fox. But asking about MSG in Chinese food is like asking how much something is on a menu without prices. If you have to ask, you probably don’t want to know.

White Fox Restaurant is located at 648 S. Belle Circle in Breaux Bridge.


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