March 1, 2016 04:35 PM

Not shown is Indonesia, which rejoined OPEC last year and regained its status as the only Asian member of the cartel and the only member that is a net importer of petroleum.

Citing OPEC sources & delegates, Reuters reports Tuesday that a cut in production is very unlikely at OPEC’s next meeting in June even if prices remain extremely low, as it will be too early to say how fast Iranian output is rising.

The sources, which include officials from the Middle East, say OPEC countries such as Saudi Arabia also want to test Russia’s commitment to freezing output before taking any further steps to stablize prices.

More than 18 months after oil prices began a steep slide due to excess supply, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Venezuela and non-OPEC Russia agreed last month to freeze output at January levels in the first global oil pact in 15 years.

Saudi Arabian Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said last week a supply cut was not on the cards although adding that the production freeze was only the first step to balance the market after prices fell to their lowest since 2003.

“Maybe by the end of the year (a cut could be possible) when it is really clear that Iran is actually producing the volumes they are talking about. But not in June,” a source from one of OPEC’s Middle Eastern producers said.
Read the Reuters story here.

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