March 15, 2016 01:59 PM
The Cajundome Convention Center was the site for One Acadiana’s March 2 Regional Celebration, which shined a spotlight on the progress the economic development group is making on the nineparish region. Addressing the packed room were One Acadiana President and CEO Jason El Koubi, 2016 Chairman Jerry Vascocu of IberiaBank and 2015 Chairman Joe Zanco of HomeBank.

1. Gina Aswell, Liz Hebert, Julie Simon-Dronet and Patricia Thompson

2. Phyllis Coleman Mouton, Hilda Wiltz, Lisa Prejean and Kevin Prejean

3. Sonja Landry, Melinda Malmay and Marion Fox

4. Hunter Miller, Andre Dugal, Samantha Rebowe and Bria Wheeler

5. Anna Osland, Stephen Bartley and Hilda Wiltz

6. Missy Andrade and Keith Dronet

7. Glenn Decou, Sondra Decou, Harold Stelly, Paula Stelly, Judge Jimmy Genovese, Sue Soileau Brignac, Wendy Ortego and Burt Ortego

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