April 1, 2016 02:01 PM

It’s more than kid’s play at The Mulberry Tree.

Photo by Robin May

Cheryl Savant knows how to party. Children’s parties done well top to bottom are something she’s been doing since her nearly grown children were quite young. And now she’s turned it into a one-of-a-kind business locally — The Mulberry Tree.

Located at 2116 Johnston St. in a 1941 house, the new business is a party spot for kids (and adults with small parties, showers or teas). You bring the kids and the cake. Savant does the rest.

While other well-known spots like Chuck E. Cheese or Kart Ranch host parties and have for years, The Mulberry Tree is a blank canvas easily personalized with a layout Savant says is perfect for her vision. From Weekend in Paris fêtes for little ladies to swashbuckling shindigs complete with a treasure chest for pirates, Savant does the kids’ birthday biz with some serious panache.

Photo by Robin May

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