May 4, 2016 10:33 AM

Feeling that the temporary increases in sales taxes, from Act 25 from the first special session earlier this year, had a few unintended consequences, Reps. Jay Morris, the original author, and Phillip DeVillier are pushing proposed rebates to make agriculture and automobile interests whole, or close to it.

Both bills have been assigned to the Ways and Means Committee, but have not yet been put on an agenda.

Morris, R-Monroe, has HB 1011, which is a rebate for agriculture manufacturing machinery and equipment, which the author said was not supposed to be subject to the new temporary sales tax increase.

Morris is unsure how much money his bill would deduct from the revenue the state is expecting to receive from Act 25.

Morris also said he’s more concerned with making sure his bill, should it move, not be loaded down with amendments seeking to protect other interests.

“No hitchhikers,” he said, promising to keep his bill clean if it advances.

DeVillier, R-Eunice, said he would take a similar approach to his HB 1055, which would offer a rebate for the sales taxes that are having to be applied by automobile dealers to their manufacturer’s rebates.

“That’s not something we’ve ever taxed,” said DeVillier, who was asked by a local dealer in his district to look into the issue.