June 1, 2016 12:51 AM
Acadiana’s well-dressed ladies and gents celebrated the horse racing world’s big day with a Derby-themed party at Le Pavilion in Parc Lafayette. The Kentucky Derby shindig included a live feed of Lexington’s big race with Lafayette party-goers donning hats rivaling those seen in Kentucky. Hosting the event was Generation ASO, the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra’s young professionals’ membership group comprised of stakeholders interested in shaping the area’s growing cultural landscape.

Aileen Dauterive

Day at the Derby party goers

Linda Briese and Stephanie Kellner

Parisa Memarian-Liu and her husband Mike

Rebecca Doucet, Megan Domingue, Sharon Moss, Sangeeta Shah and Angela Cole

Kyle Kellner and Danny Domingue

Sangeeta Shah, Rebecca Doucet and Megan Domingue

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