July 1, 2016 11:26 AM

Sarah Zaunbrecher creates wearable therapy for your mind and body.

The marriage of beautiful design, holistic living and a little bit of bling is the trifecta powering Sarah Zaunbrecher’s newest endeavor — LAVA Cosmetic Jewelry. The Lafayette lady with a familiar face thanks to years modeling talked with us about how her love for jewelry and essential oils came together for an endeavor like we haven’t seen before.

“I’ve always been interested in jewelry, and growing up my mom had essential oils,” Zaunbrecher says. “I would take her amber bottles and put oils in the bathtub, and then she would go to get her oils and the bottles would be empty.”

As an adult Zaunbrecher continued her love for essential oils, which are often applied directly (or diluted) to the wrists for a variety of ailments as well as to lift moods or to ground the mind (among many other benefits). Zaunbrecher found lava beads that would absorb the oil and act as a sort of wearable diffuser. LAVA was born.

“I love copper and mixing metals. I love hematite, and pyrite is one of my favorites with an oyster shell with pave. I love matte rubberized pieces and will put one piece of oxidized bling on it,” she says.

Her combos are earthy in some ways, glam in others. And the most beautiful part — the oils. Most oils applied to the skin last three to four hours. A few drops on a bead of the bracelet and you’re good to go for three to four days.

LAVA can be found locally at Caroline & Company on Arnould Boulevard and 02 Face and Body on Settlers Trace Boulevard. Stay tuned, however, as Zaunbrecher is working on more designs, more materials and new spots to sell in Acadiana. — AJH


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