July 7, 2016 11:29 AM

Photo by Tony Broussard
The village of Loreauville on the banks of Bayou Teche is the latest to receive a floating canoe and kayak launch as part of the Bayou Teche National Water Trail, a long-term project of the nonprofit TECHE Project.

The floating dock is located at 118 Bridge St. adjacent to the historic jailhouse and serves as the first phase of a public park project honoring late Mayor Al Broussard. Architect and Loreauville native (and damn fine Cajun musician) Joel Breaux designed the park to commemorate the journey of the Acadians who settled in the region on the 18th century.

“Coming to Loreauville by boat seems natural. It’s how our ancestors arrived here 250-years ago,” says Loreauville Mayor Brad Clifton. “We look forward to welcoming paddlers, both locals and visitors, to experience our hospitality and culture.”

TECHE Project Executive Director Conni Castille, a celebrated filmmaker, says the floating dock is part of the group’s EXPLORE It program and will help visitors learn about the ecology of the region through the biography of its people. Ultimately the group plans to install floating canoe/kayak launches in each of the four parishes that comprise the trail.

“We partner with trail town communities turning to the bayou to integrate the trailheads that support the national paddle trail. Loreauville is a perfect example of that partnership,” Castille says.

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