July 15, 2016 11:51 AM

An Iberia Sheriff’s Office employee is on administrative leave and his Facebook account de-activated after posting an inflammatory, grammatically lazy comment asking the social media world if it was “up for target practice.” The comment accompanied a link Brodie Duhon shared about the New Black Panthers arriving in Baton Rouge in the wake of the police killing of Alton Sterling, who was buried today.

According to The Daily Iberian, which broke the story, Iberia Sheriff Louis Ackal says his department has zero tolerance for racism and hate speech, quoting the mercurial lawman: “I apologize to the people of the community who had to see that. This is not going to be tolerated.”

We suspect Ackal’s hackles weren’t genuinely raised by this incident in light of the recent revelation that in a clandestine recording he referred to U.S. Justice Department civil rights prosecutor Mark Blumberg as a “son-of-a-bitch Jew bastard” and threatened to shoot Blumberg between his “goddamned Jewish eyes.”

Louis Ackal
Ackal was indicted earlier this year on federal civil rights charges accusing him of directing underlings in 2011 to assault inmates in the parish jail’s chapel where no video surveillance could capture the abuse. Nine former jail employees have already pleaded guilty to charges related to the case.

Duhon, he of the New Black Panthers target practice post on Facebook, is a transportation officer with the parish jail. Ackal, who allegedly knows a thing or two about inmate abuse, told The Iberian that “if I ignore this and he gets in a fight with an inmate while transporting him and injures him, and he happens to be black, this will come up.”

Duhon later apologized for the remark before de-activating his Facebook page. We predict Ackal won’t have to worry too much longer about a culture of racism within the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office that evidently trickled down from the top.

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