July 21, 2016 11:27 AM

I miss Bernie on the campaign trail. In 2016, the year of the Shout, there stood Bernie with a bird on his lectern, offering a message redolent of Occupy. This old man with wild white hair from the tiny state of Vermont was like our beloved grandfather, reminding us that no matter what the media says, the struggle for justice and equality in America is far from over.

Denial is impasse. We stay stuck, thumping the chest of false patriotism, crying, “We’re number one!” Meanwhile, Bernie promotes practical solutions already working in democracies worldwide: a decent minimum wage, free college education, paid parental leave, universal health care, fighting global warming and Wall Street crime. And his campaign was the first in history not taking money from Corporate America. Not one thin dime!

Bernie inspired millions. He showed us something other than the fear of corporate clout or permanent war. He showed us our best selves with a full-throated roar and young people listened.

No, Bernie did not win the Democratic nomination, but he came closer than anyone expected. The fact that his campaign happened at all is proof positive that the ground is fertile for true change. He influenced the platform greatly, thus Hillary now advocates ending Citizens United, a crucial first step toward a fair shake.

Do not forget Bernie.

Do not let your children forget.

Jean Sellmeyer Smith, Crowley

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