Aug. 11, 2016 02:30 PM

The four member hip-hop group LOADED Team Porch Squad hit their four year anniversary this past July — a feat for any non-roots group in Lafayette. The group consists of Showoff Bradley, Black AKA Loc’s On, MikePfromOP and ZIGtheripper

How would you describe the health of Lafayette’s live hip-hop scene? Does it need a boost or is it strong?
Showoff Bradley: Lafayette’s Hip-Hop scene is a growing scene loaded with talent. There’s a lot of activity happening in underground spots and in clubs around the city that has garnered a growing audience. It’s strong but a boost always helps.

Loc’s On:The scene is very exciting right now. Everyone in the city has something going on that is happening to evolve and expose the scene to everyone. It’s very strong right now with everyone working together. Also, venues such as JP’s, The Loose Caboose, Good Ole Boys, Prime, Legacy Bar and also many others along with the traditional house party shows, it keeps it very exciting.

MikePfromOP: The live hip hop scene in the city is starting to thrive now that people are taking an interest in it. I believe its because there’s a little bit more unity in the scene than there used to be.

ZIGtheripper: While it’s easy to say that it’s still in it’s infancy, we’ve watched it grow exponentially in the past few years. As fast as Lafayette is growing, the music scene reflects that with new groups and venues popping up all the time. But it definitely needs a boost. The fact that no one from our city has ever really broken through on a mainstream level means everything has to grow at a grassroots level. A lot of people would be surprised how much of a punk-esque DIY-ethos is involved, especially considering the stereotype of modern rap. The scene just plain didn’t exist. So, along with a handful of other talented artists, we’ve had to all build it together one brick at a time.

Tell me about the wildest crowd you have ever had.
ZIGtheripper: That would probably be Zigfest 2014 and I think all the rest of the guys would agree. Nearly 600 people throughout the day at both the Wild Salmon and what was then known as the Buddha Complex. At one point halfway through our hour-and-a-half set, there was even a fight in the crowd that we all personally dove off stage to break up, signifying that no one there was going to tolerate any negativity, especially us. There was magic in that room that night.

If you could tell people one things about what you do, what would it be?
Loc’s On: It would be that it’s really hype at times, then real chilled back.

Showoff Bradley: Our energy and presence are one of a kind. We love music and we love to have a good time and that reflects in our music and performances.

MikePfromOP: Everybody in the group has their own unique style and also our stage performances aren’t the same as everyone else.

ZIGtheripper: I think I would just let people know how serious we are about what we do. We all feel a responsibility towards our community and promoting artistry in this city as a whole. Most artists and groups are quick to jump ship and content to be a small fish in a different pond. We don’t want that. We want to put Lafayette on our backs and bring it to a level it’s never reached before.

What makes the group different?
ZIGtheripper: All of us are unique and completely original to each other with a common thread of influence that ties us all together. Especially Mike and I, who have been involved in the local music scene in one way or another since high school. We all bring something different to the table, and the result is a hip-hop gumbo with a flavor like no one’s ever tasted. Sorry, as a rapper, I love metaphors too much.

Loc’s On: That even though we disagree, we still put it behind us no matter cause we family and friends first. Rap artists second.

What kind of hip-hop is porch squad?
Loc’s On: Country rap tunes, in the words of Pimp C.

Where does the name come from?
Showoff Bradley: Our name came from a phrase Zig and I came up with, Loaded Team Porch Squad Freetown Hustlas F*** wit it Bow!!!. Zig started running with Porch Squad for shows with Mike while Black and I were working in North Dakota. Once we got back home for good, we started performing as Loaded Team Porch Squad.

MikePfromOP: The full name is actually LOADED Team Porch Squad. LOADED stands for Living Out American Dreams Every Day. Showoff is the one who came up with that and ZIG came up with Porch Squad during the days at a place we called Edgewood Manor cause we hung out on the porch most of the time there drinking 40s of OE (Olde English) and passing the time. We also used to record there thanks to our friend Will who let us use the closet in the living room to set up a makeshift studio where our first mixtape was done.

ZIGtheripper: Well, it’s the South, man. If we’re going to hang out and kick it, nine times out of 10 going to be on a porch near you.


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