Aug. 16, 2016 06:02 PM


In late July, Lafayette-based Turnkey Title and Escrow released a new app to expedite the real estate process for all parties involved.

The app was designed mainly for mortgage professionals and realtors to have quick access to documents, customized buyer elements and seller net sheets in lieu of a call to Turnkey’s office.

Made with features to cater to home buyers and sellers as well as lenders, the free-to-use app aids both homeowners and professionals in organizing and navigating the transaction process every step of the way.

“Our fees are preloaded in the app, so the information can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” says Traci Pécot, Turnkey’s director of client development. “As we know, real estate professionals never stop working — a lot of action happens on the weekends.”

Pécot stresses that the app is chiefly for professionals.

Lenders are able to utilize the title quote tool, which pulls Turnkey settlement costs and title insurance and displays them in loan estimate format.

Some of the app’s key features for sellers are the Seller Net Sheet, which they can use to calculate net proceeds after a sale, and Buyer Estimate, which calculates closing costs for a mortgage and can account for residual costs.

The app saves quotes for future reference and gives users the option to get more quotes. All application features are free to the user and can be downloaded onto one’s desktop. The app is available for all users; however, the settlement fees that are pre-loaded are exclusive to Turnkey Title.

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