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Budget-aware, eco chick brides say adios to overspending

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Say buh bye to the diva bride. She’s drowning in debt. The new bride is as savvy as she is glam. She doesn’t skimp on style. But, she’s refusing to break the bank for her big day.

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Whether you want to leave a lighter footprint on the earth or on your bank account, going a bit more frugal for the nuptials is becoming a trend as bridezilla fades in the background. The trick — get creative. Research, research, research and discover in which areas you can skimp, which you can DIY and which you ought leave to the pros.

For brides looking to save some dough and who can’t stand to spend money on flowers that have no home after the wedding, a new alternative has arrived in Lafayette. It’s called Something Borrowed Blooms, and it just might be the floral alternative for brides the way Rent the Runway has become the fashionistas answer to high-end dresses.

“The average Louisiana bride spends $2,300 on flowers and the average price with us is $600,” says one of Blooms founders Lauren Bercier.

Bercier and her cousin offer a quick one-stop for floral needs for the big day, from bouquets to aisle runners, centerpieces and flower crowns. They have a selection of collections and each have a theme. Some are classic and some are glam and others are boho. Each has a distinct vibe and can be mixed or matched as needed. You go online. You order. They ship. They include a return label and you’re done.

“The diva bride is kind of gone. I’ve seen a lot of brides who appreciate the concept and the ease of planning and the money,” Bercier says.

They do custom collections, but only those that represent the high-quality aesthetic they are working to solidify. The blooms they choose look legit. They aren’t running out to the arts and craft store for their peonies.
“We source from New York to Dallas and provide premium flowers,” she says.

Some of the options from Blooms are even more diverse than what is possible for real flowers — think magnolias year round that don’t quickly turn brown.

“You know exactly what you’re carrying down the aisle,” she says.

Photos by Kali Norton Photography

If real flowers are an important part of your day, however, and you hate the waste, consider sending them to a nursing home or a hospital to bring some cheer.

Other ways to be eco chic on your big day are to consider every last detail from a green perspective: seek ethically sourced diamonds and consider vintage jewelry; for invitations, go with recycled paper or digital if you dare. Rent the Runway is a website that lets your bridesmaids get a killer dress just for the day at a fraction of the price (she isn’t wearing it again no matter how much you think it will happen). Look for food vendors that source the eats locally, and when it comes time for favors choose something that won’t be thrown away creating more waste or consider making a donation for each guest to an important cause.

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Photo by Kali Norton Photography


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