Sept. 2, 2016 10:59 AM
Beauty is getting real thanks to local makeup artist Ashley Breaux and her new line — Verite Beauty Luxury Cosmetics and Skincare. It’s a line that celebrates the strong diversity and beauty of South Louisiana with collections like the Creole Collection that pays homage to the unique and beautiful coloring of women across our region. She launched the new line with a shindig at her studio on North Pierce Street along with a makeup demo and is following up with makeup classes geared just for the gals who are makeup novices.

1. Shelly Alexander

2. Crystal Lee, Ashley Breaux and Karen Moore

3. Terriana Gotch, Tina Bingham and Brandy Siner

4. Shannon Ozene, Ashley Breaux and Brandy Landry

5. Ashley Breaux and Krystal Broussard

6. Peppa IZ Hair and Kimberly Edmond

7. Ashley Breaux and Peppa IZ Hair

8. JaQuam Mitchell and Ashley Breaux

9. Kewyn Green


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