Sept. 15, 2016 02:05 PM
With a six-figure check from Robert Mercer, the New York conservative bigwig, Warrior PAC is ready to start rolling out its efforts in support of retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness in the U.S. Senate race.

Robert San Luis, the director of the super PAC, did not immediately disclose the full amount but noted the PAC’s cash on hand is now around $324,000.

A sizable portion of this bankroll, well into the six figures, is about to be put into a media buy that will be overseen by Cambridge Analytica and another firm yet to be determined.

For now, Digital billboards from the super PAC touting Maness recently went up in the Lafayette market.

Mercer could become an important political ally for the super PAC. He’s a computer scientist and arguably one of the most influential billionaires in American politics. Maness is a Republican from Mandeville.

Super PACs are a special breed of political action committee that are allowed to raised unlimited amounts in donations.