Dec. 2, 2016 09:57 AM

Photo by Sheila Scarborough/Wikimedia
What is it about boudin and ripping off low-wage workers? They seem to go together like ... well, boudin and an ice cold Coca-Cola.

Three more specialty meat stores have been ordered to pay $571,000 for violating labor laws, accused of stiffing workers on overtime pay, according to The Advertiser. Don’s Specialty Meats is taking the hardest hit, ordered to pay more than $480,000 in back wages to 133 workers, plus other damages. The Best Stop is on the hook for $56,000 (for 36 employees) while Romero’s Grocery is facing $35,000 (33 workers).

These latest alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act come less than a year after Billy’s Boudin & Cracklins was smacked with more than $130,000 for the same transgression.

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