Feb. 22, 2017 10:07 AM

Photo by Nick Pittman
Forget the debate over traditional, bread-like, bacon-infused, boudin-stuffed or donut king cakes: the Kween Cake, with its crumbly mix of cinnamon and brown sugar yellow cake topped with the difference-making crunchy sugar, may be the best local Mardi Gras indulgence. The single serving cakes are available at Super 1, Rouses and individual convenience stores

What’s in it that makes it so yummy?
They are made with high quality products. (The) base is a rich butter cake filled with the mixture of creamy butter,flavored cinnamon and sweet brown sugar.

Why did you start making these tiny cakes?
We started making these cakes to add a variety of local flare. We figured if there was a king cake made out of donut dough we could make a Kween Cake out of a cake dough! A king always needs a queen! Kween Cakes are unique and compliment the king cake. We felt as though it would be easier and more economical to make the individual size to suit smaller families and a quick fill for just enough after a meal or a treat. We would like to see the Queen’s Festival use our Kween Cakes to honor her table and court.

Tell us a little bit about the process of making them.
The process we use is a double deposit system that is filled with the wonderful-tasting filling and topped with the Mardi Gras color sanding sugars that are festive for the event. They are baked in large ovens then cooled and automatically wrapped and labeled for distribution.

How many do you make and sell?

We make approximately 6,000 a week at this time. They are distributed through out the state and a few surrounding states. We are increasing production daily as the demand increases.

What is next for the Kween Cake?
Our specialty Kween Cake is our unique product that we are using for all special holidays. It can be purchased during the year as our cinnamon Kween Cake. We will have it decorated for the upcoming holidays of Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

There are a lot of crazy variations of king cakes right now — the boudin king cake, etc. Will there be any kind of that wildness coming to the Kween Cake?
All I can say is keep your eyes and ears open! (We) may have a twist on this later! Happy Mardi Gras!

Nick Pittman is a freelance entertainment and feature writer. To contact him, email pittmanreviews@gmail.com.


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