March 2, 2017 11:06 AM

The IND stopped by the Hilliard Museum to view works by Chinese-American painter Yun-Fei Ji, artists Sandra Eula Lee and Shawne Major, and a spectacular survey of vernacular Southern art from the New Iberia home of Becky and Wyatt Collins, who have amassed more than 2,000 objects. The Collins exhibition is organized by Gus Kopriva, an independent curator and the owner of Redbud Gallery in Houston. “Spiritual Journeys” is being accompanied by a new publication that features essays interpreting the Collins’ collection, including texts by Gus Kopriva, Hillard Museum staff and collections expert Bradley Sumrall of the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans. Among the many artists represented in this project are Mary T. Smith, Howard Finster, David Butler, Tom “Deacon Man” Steck, Minnie Black, B. F. Perkins, Sam Doyle, Theora Hamblett, Pat Juneau, James “Son” Ford Thomas, Helen LaFrance, Reverend Herman Hayes, Mr. Imagination, Clementine Hunter, Jimmy Sudduth, Rita Fontenot, Prophet Royal Robertson, Tim Lewis, Shawne Major and Burgess Dulaney.

1. Wyatt Collins, Margaret and Jeff Simon

2. Robert Dafford

3. Dr. Chris Bennett, Louanne Greenwald, Yun-Fei Ji and Sandra Eula Lee

4. Louanne Greenwald, Wyatt and Becky Collins

5. Yun-Fei Ji, Laura Blereau and Francis Pavy

6. Patrons view the art of Shawne Major

7. Robert Dafford, Edward Cazayoux, Jonno Frishburg and Lisa Choate Trahan

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