March 6, 2017 04:14 PM
John W. Houghtaling II

On Friday, March 3, The Independent published a story on the 2004 arrest of Candyce Gagnard Perret, pulling from public documents that show the Third Circuit Court of Appeal candidate identified herself to the arresting officer as an assistant district attorney, a position she has never held.

Candyce Gagnard Perret
Photo by Robin May

Her fiancé at the time of her arrest, New Orleans attorney John W. Houghtaling II, who was interviewed for the story, sent the paper the following letter just as the story was being posted online. In the letter, which comes nearly 13 years after Gagnard Perret's arrest, he apologizes to her for not filing a lawsuit alleging false arrest, saying he was unaware of the statute of limitations.

Make of the letter what you will.