March 21, 2017 04:02 PM

Broussard Poché has added an expanded component to its business valuation services, with Liz Moreau becoming a Certified Healthcare Financial Professional.

The evolution of the health care industry over the past several decades, among which has been a rapidly changing regulatory environment, reimbursement issues, competitive forces and technological advancements, has led to a growing demand for valuation professionals with a background to assist health care enterprises navigate complicated industry issues.

Moreau also recently completed the American Society of Appraisers’ multi-disciplinary Advanced Education in Healthcare Valuation Program. Moreau is a partner in the certified public accounting firm. She specializes in business valuation and financial analysis and has 23 years of public accounting experience.

Broussard Poché started out as a small firm in Crowley in 1953. Since then, it’s expanded throughout Acadiana — from tax and audit offices in Lafayette to offices in New Iberia and Crowley — and now has a staff of more than 60 employees.

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