June 20, 2017 12:09 PM

Court Williams, General Manager

NAME OF BUSINESS: Courtesy Buick GMC in Lafayette, LA


WHAT WE DO: Simply, we put our customers first. It’s our goal that each of our customers experience the most exceptional customer service and walk away feeling like family. That’s the Courtesy Experience.

THREE THINGS: Although I grew up in Pineville, LA, I moved to Lafayette in 1994 to run Cross Country track for USL and it’s been my home since. I have spent most of my career as part of the Courtesy Automotive family learning the automotive business and upholding the tradition of quality customer experience. But, life isn’t all about work. Like my three sons, I have a passion for soccer, and I enjoy coaching them on and off the field!

MOST PROUD OF: Courtesy Buick GMC has been your number one dealership in sales and customer service for most of it’s 27 years in existence. That’s because your family is our family, and the same friendly face that sold you your vhicle will be the one that welcomes you back again and again.

4750 Johnston Street, Lafayette



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