March 8, 2006 12:00
Here we are again, it is the season of Lent in Acadiana. And if you need reminding, many local restaurants will be doing that. These businesses make a mockery of Lent and sacrifice, which is something that so many Christians take so seriously. An especially offensive ad ran in The Independent Weekly's last issue in a full color 1/2 page showing a huge fried shrimp sandwich. The ad read, "What a sacrifice for Lent ... Cajuns really know how to sacrifice." It is so offensive, that it encourages Christians to avoid those places that use Lent as a drawing card. There are many other establishments that show more respect to this spiritual journey.

Should Democrats dump Dixie? DEC 17 Blogger Bob Mann gives his two cents on the question being discussed among tight-pants-bushy-beard-hat-on-in-the-house northern liberals who were disgusted by Mary's defeat. In a round-about way, he's seeking to remind them that the pendulum always swings back. Must-read story about Janzen Jackson DEC 17 This post on Vice Sports is an in-depth look at the life of Janzen Jack

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