May 4, 2005 12:00
In the March 2 edition of The Independent Weekly, Nathan Stubbs wrote a story titled "Getting Serious About Johnston Street." Obviously it will be very difficult, costly and time-consuming to rehabilitate Johnston Street. When Kaliste Saloom was widened from an open-ditch two-lane asphalt road to a five-lane street with subsurface storm drainage, the electrical power lines were not buried.

Does the city and LUS plan to bury utility lines (power and communication) when Verot School Road is improved?

Construction is now under way on the extension of Pinhook Road/Broussard Highway from Verot School Road to Southpark. Will LUS place power and data cable underground as part of this construction?

Such steps may be more costly initially but should save repair and replacement costs and allow businesses to remain operational during major storms. This would also send a positive message about improving the aesthetics of the city.

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