Oct. 27, 2008 07:26
Last week, KPLCTV in Lake Charles got word that its in-studio 7th Congressional District debate will be short one candidate. The station, which is partnering with Lake Charles’ American Press for the Oct. 29 debate, plans to continue to hold the forum without Congressman Boustany. KPLC news director Scott Flannigan said he could never get a commitment from Boustany’s office as to whether he would be able to attend until last week when Boustany Chief of Staff Jeff Dobrozi told him the Congressmen would not be able to attend due to other longstanding planned commmitments. Flannigan says when asked what those commitments were, or whether Boustany would be avialable any time to tape responses to questions, Dobrozi simply repeated that the Congressman has other longstanding planned commitments. KPLC’s debate will now go on with the District’s two other candidates, the U.S. Constitution Party’s Peter Vidrine and Democratic state Sen. Don Cravins Jr. The candidates have already debated in three other forums, with Boustany, held in Lake Charles, Lafayette and Opelousas.
DID WE? DO WE? SHOULD WE? DEC 18 Jim Brown is asking the questions a lot of Americans are in the wake of the torture report. Did we torture people? Do we do it still? And should we, under any circumstances?JINDAL MAKES (PATHETIC) APPEAL IN IOWADEC 18 This post on

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