Oct. 26, 2005 12:00
I have just finished reading "Horse Play" (Oct. 19) by Leslie Turk. This is my first experience with The Independent Weekly. I read every word of this article and was very impressed at how well written it was. I'm sure the information in the article will not find its way into any other publication.

This is a sad and disappointing time for UL Lafayette. The respect and support of the students and the "good" citizens of Lafayette will be undermined. Now the university can be placed right along with our state and local governments regarding favoritism. I'm sure UL President Ray Authement was disappointed when this property swap became public knowledge. I am not in real estate, but it doesn't take an expert or genius to know that the swap was not equitable. It's amazing how power and money distort some people's thinking.

My husband and I will be canceling our football season tickets and annual contribution to the university. If enough people rebel (through the pocketbook), they will hear us. Money is always the bottom line.

Thank you for a wonderful article. I have enclosed my check for a subscription to your newspaper.

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