March 31, 2009 11:31

The Independent Weekly has carefully studied the bond proposal that goes before Lafayette Parish voters Saturday, and we urge you to vote in favor of the measure. This is not a new tax. Your tax burden as a resident of Lafayette Parish will not be affected by either the passage or failure of this proposal.

If approved, Lafayette Consolidated Government will get the green light to issue $26 million in bonds for the repair of 150 roads and more than 15 bridges in rural Lafayette Parish. These roads and bridges are not only a danger to Lafayette Parish residents, but they also are an impediment to future growth, economic development and overall prosperity in the parish. Many of these roads and bridges have had no maintenance in decades. It is time to realign our civic priorities when it comes to long-neglected infrastructure. Independent staff members have driven many of these roads and traversed these dilapidated bridges. We know first-hand how dire the conditions are. We invite you, the reader, to take a drive along Lebesque Road or Pilette Road to see for yourself why this vote is important. Your auto mechanic will thank you for the new business.

Perhaps the greatest threat to passage of the measure is apathy. City-parish officials worry that with no big-ticket races to draw voters to the polls, the prospect of passing the proposal may be dimmed. We are confident our readers understand the importance of this issue. We urge you to turn out to vote Saturday, and to support the bond proposal.

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